Quality. Clarity. Commitment.

Providing clear solutions to complex problems

Quality. Clarity. Commitment.

Providing clear solutions to complex problems


Our experience across government and consulting has taught us that good advice addresses the underlying issue, is evidence-based, action-oriented and delivered in plain language.

This is can be difficult to achieve in a world where public expectations of governments are increasing; where data is 'bigger' than ever before but is often not well understood; where the socio-political environment is increasingly complex; and where decision-makers are increasingly time-poor.

QA Consulting and Advisory helps all levels of government plan, implement, evaluate and improve key systems and processes. We work in genuine partnership with our clients to understand their needs, tailor a unique approach for each project and provide clear, understandable and actionable solutions.

What We Do

Commercial Review and Performance Improvement

 We work with our clients to identify and evaluate performance issues in a logical way, to develop options and recommendations for change that are practical, evidence-based and supported by clear plans of action. 

Planning, Policy and Strategy

 We work with clients to understand ‘where they have come from’ while maintaining a forward-looking view that seeks to gauge when (and how) plans need to evolve to address future challenges or seize opportunities.  


 We have extensive experience analysing many types of data to improve financial performance, identify population health trends, diagnose issues in commercial performance, forecast cash flows and develop models that will answer all kinds of questions. 


Health and Human Services


 We have extensive experience consulting  to the Australian health and human services sectors, and have delivered projects across system, jurisdictional, local health network and health service levels.  .

Local Government


Being based in a regional area in Victoria, we have a strong interest in building the capacity and capability of local government to plan for, deliver and evaluate services to local communities.

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Rural and Regional Areas


Our longstanding experience living and working in rural and regional areas means that we understand the challenges facing these locations and have a personal investment in improving their sustainability. .

How We Work


We agree what key success factors are with our clients for each project and take concrete steps to make sure expectations are met.


We take plain language and presentation seriously so that the deliverable(s) you receive will be clear, concise and easy-to-understand.

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Knowledge transfer

We embed knowledge transfer activities to all our projects to leave our clients with tangible benefits they can apply long after our engagement has ended.

Who We Are


Dean McKay

QA is led by Dean McKay, who has over fourteen years experience in consulting, government , policy, project management and analysis. His work history includes roles in boutique professional advisory firms in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as six years in Victoria's Department of Treasury and Finance.

Dean is passionate about achieving improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of public sector services. To realise this vision, he started QA with the aim of delivering high-quality, evidence-based advisory services in a way that is clear and easy to understand. 

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QA Consulting and Advisory

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