How we work

Why work with us?



  Quality, Clarity and Commitment are the values that I aim for QA to embody. Putting this into writing here is part of my open commitment to delivering clear, quality deliverables and high levels of customer service.

I stay in regular contact to make sure projects are progressing according to expectations, and to agree what will be delivered and when, so that clients are provided with certainty they can plan around. 



I have all of my documents professionally proofread and edited by Caitlin at Elemental Communications before they are submitted to clients. Caitlin specialises in plain language and structuring documents to achieve maximum impact and clarity. Her involvement ensures the deliverable(s) you receive will be clear, concise and easy-to-understand. 


Knowledge transfer

We embed up to one day of on-site knowledge transfer activities with clients for every project at no additional cost. How this day is used is completely up to you and will be discussed at project initiation.

This could take the form of presenting to a client’s Board or executive, delivering training in how to use a financial or economic model or just sitting with a client to run them through my analytical approach or logic underpinning recommendations.

Of course, we maintain ongoing contact with clients throughout a project to ensure knowledge transfer occurs in real-time – but we believe this contact at project completion helps to embed learning and capability development most effectively.